This is the third year that the archaeological and archaeometric research of the LM IIIB-C and later phases prehistoric settlement of Kastrouli Desphina (Delphi) which is successfully conducted, with significant finds in this year too.

The scientific coordinator of the Project by the University of Aegean and director of archaeometric research is Prof. Ioannis Lirintzis and the Director of Archaeological Research, Dr. Ath. Sideris.  Also, co-PI are Associate Professors Andrew Koh from the University of Brandeis, Massachusetts, with whom the Department of Mediterranean Studies has signed a collaboration protocol (MOU), and Kate Birney from Wesleyan University, USA, together with staff from Brandeis Ian Roy photography-Robotics expert.

Below are some snapshots of the current activity including excavation research, high-resolution photographs with different types of drones, portable photogrammetry and photography with structured light, preservation of the finds by conservationists Dr C.Karydis and Mrs M.Panagopoulou, on site at the processing station……


Desfina 18 July 2018

Κastrouli 2016-2019

Writing Excavation Reports & Publications:

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Kastrouli 2020

Conservation Work