“Applied Archaeological Sciences” (M.Sc)

The Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean organizes and runs from the academic year 2016 (January 2016) to 2018 a Graduate Program entitled “APPLIED ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCES” in Greek.

1. Scientific Purpose and Objectives

The Purpose of the Program of Graduate Studies is specilization of young scientists in “Applied Archaeological Sciences” particular the training of executives researchers specialized in conducting research and applications in cultural heritage through science and technology with hands on instrumentation and learning tools. The interdisciplinary program addresses to:
i. teachers and education professionals,
ii. Executives of organizations of public or private sector, involved in archeology and cultural heritage,
iii. scientists / researchers of natural sciences and / or humanities for implementing virtual archeology programs, museology, conservation, cultural tourism, archaeological development/management projects and preparation of PhD.

2. Objectives of the Master

i. On a theoretical level, the production and transmission of scientific knowledge in the fields of applied modern technology in archeology lifelong learning, education of young graduates and adults and e-learning, as well as the scientific research methodology in the field of archaeometry, digital archeology cyber-archaeology, basic conservation and management of antiquities authorities as education and training.
ii. At the level of professional practice, the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences necessary for the development and implementation of pilot programs and digital archaeological heritage in education, applications in the information society, in educational lifelong learning programs and systems (education, training, professional development, etc.), by applying the most modern techniques and practices in the field of new technologies and the management and conservation of archaeological findings, with a view to their utilization in the investigation, documentation, promotion, local, regional and national sustainable development and education procedures in the use of cultural assets of ancient civilizations and cultural heritage by using modern approaches to the excavations, the theoretical interpretation and interdisciplinary study of findings through science and modern digital technology.

3. Location, Tutoring, Start, Fees, Thesis

i. The course is conducted partly by the use of new technologies and electronic platform online and with live tutoring on specific dates in Rhodes and 5-day practice of in laboratory learning techniques to laboratories in Athens Institutions.
ii. Instructors are Greek professors of international reputation and experience in project, the courses are in Greek language.
iii. It started in January 2016. The announcement for applications is throughout the year every academic year, and the modules are offered on a monthly basis.
iv. The Fees amount to 3.500 Euros in total for three semesters (two for the course and one the diploma thesis).
v. The thesis can be carried out in research laboratories with which the Laboratory of Archaeometry of the University of the Aegean maintains cooperation and are located in University laboratories and/or Research Centers in Greece through a network of archaeometry labs throughout the country, with prior consultation with Prof. I Liritzis.