Delphi Theatre



  • These low resolution 3D Models have been created from high resolution 3D Models under the program DELPHI4DELPHI (Digital Enterprise & Laboratory Practice of Heritage Initiative For DELPHI). Delphi4Delphi is lead by University of the Aegean, Lab of Archaeometry under Prof Ioannis Liritzis (PI) in collaboration with the Ehporia of Antiquities at Phokis, the French School of Archaeology in Athens and collaborators from Greek and American Universities.
  • Goal: The program concerns the digital reconstruction and modeling of the sanctuary of Delphi (Archaeological site, monuments, and Museum artifacts), the use of various surveying technologies for 3D digital mapping and modelling, virtual environment, virtual reality, educational scenarios, for maintenance and restoration purposes, well as, the holographic imagery.
  • The intellectual property rights (copyright) of the digital work and the objects, monuments belong to the Ephoria of Antiquities of Phokis (Ministry of Culture, Greece) and the French School of Archaeology and the digital processing and manufacturing inventory belongs to the University of the Aegean which also controls any online presentations of other partners, according to the written protocol and the Ministry of Culture Greece by laws.